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Timeless Trend of Bob Hairstyles


Timeless Trend of Bob Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles became first popular in the year 1909 introduced by a well-known hairstylist named Antonine from Paris. Since then it has held a timeless fashion trend. This hairstyle has gained tremendous popularity since 1920s. The hair style symbolizes the freedom and liberty enjoyed by women ever since.

The conventional bob hairstyle is all about short and sleek hair cut that covers the ears gracefully and reaches between the chin and the shoulders. Though the trend is changing, the basic cut remains the same even today. These days, all well known hair stylist and movie stars are adorning new trends and styles in bob haircut.

The best part of this fashionable hairstyle is that it can suit all types of hair texture, color, and most importantly it suits women falling in any age group. The gaining popularity of Bob Hairstyles is credited to the growing status of women in the world of business. This style is famous among business women because it is easy to shape and manage without spending much time on brushing and hair dressing. The newest trend in bob cut hairstyles has made an incredible benchmark in the fashion industry.

Currently Bob Hairstyles are of wide range, matching both the classic and modern style. The classic and customary trend includes the basic types involving short, chin, and long bobs. The short and sleek bobs are cut in a blunt fashion with layers on the bottom to give a feathery appearance to thin down your hair.

Bobs of Chin length are cut in such a manner that it enhances your jaw line and your hair is slightly shorter in length than what they are at the back. This kind of hair style mostly suits round faces to give it a sleek and longer appeal. Long bobs are in the form of layers and suits round or oval facial structures.

The classic cut of Bob Hairstyles is infused with western influences to give an entirely modern look. Today, inverted bob and angled bob are very much in fashion. Hairs are piled with textured layers at the back to give more volume and texture in case of Inverted bob while in angled bob, a portion of hair is evenly cut at the front. These two types of Bob Hairstyles give an elegant and chic look. This hairstyle goes well with any kind of dress and on any occasion. These haircuts are chic and classy and make a style statement about you.

Other than this hairstyle, there are spiky, wavy, asymmetrical and mod bob cuts, which are the latest trend setters. Wavy bob are consistently cut at the collar and quite easy to maintain. Spiky bob are cut short at the back. As the name indicates, Asymmetrical bob has no symmetry at all and the hairs are cut in a manner that one side is shorter as compared to the other side.

The above mentioned hairstyles are very much popular amongst celebrities. These days even hair stylist has become more creative and they further manipulate the style and cut to add more vibrancy and grace to their haircut.

(By Divya Singh, February 9, 2012)



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