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Let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Serge. I'm living and working in Moscow. On base formation - I'm a historian. I worked as vice-principal of a high school, was teach in the graduate school, taught in the university, was concerned with a scientific work...
However, as I remember myself, I was concerned with a theory and practice of feminine haircuts. As far back as school, in early 70-th, most of my classmates already wears my haircuts. Since the beginning of the 80-th I was carried away by stylistics, later I get a second diploma as a "hairdresser - stylist". Particularly my basic interests are laid in the field of feminine hairstyle's stylistics. Especially - short haircuts. This can be explained simply: being a researcher by nature, and by formation, I'm trying to find answers for the questions, such as: - Do Ladies lose their femininity if their hair cut short? - Do a girl become kinda mannish, if her haircut is much shorter, than the hairs of her guy? All over millenniums women of all countries and all folks was obliged to wear only long hairs. For an ages all feminine hairstyles was orienting solely on long hairs. But culture of short feminine haircuts does not exist more than one hundred years...
The following areas of my interests are more refers to practical activity. How to do a haircut, which does not require special and complicated methods for styling, for which there is no need to use high-priced hair foams, mousses and sprays, but in ditto time will be beautiful, fashionable, original, modern... And will keep its shape and style for 2 or 3 months? It was worded a primary task: in the morning - a shower, 5 minutes by the hair dryer, and with beautiful, elegant hairdo Lady's ready for a job or for the studying. Rendered that this is wholly achievable. For a present-day nearly all my haircuts are very easy to style: flap of head, waft of winds or hair dryer. Nor hairsprays, nor curlers, nor perm at all...
Nowadays I'm an owner of the company "FOLKS" and Style-studio by the same name. Main mass of haircuts (only feminine) in Studio are developed and executed by me personally.

This is 100% author's site and expresses solely my subjective opinion on all touched questions.



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