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The Gift of the Magi

Timeless Trend of Bob Hairstyles



"Life is full of misery and suffering. Grief and hatred. Disappointments and betrayals. And then, finally, you meet a stylist that you've been looking for!"

Many women's issues, which can't be controlled by top psychiatrists, can often be resolved by second-grade hair stylists..

A woman's # 2 man is her hair stylist.

Man's compliment to his wife who just came back from the Beauty Salon: "There's nothing that can spoil real beauty!"

A hairdo may make your day, or, sometime, your life.

I wonder why some blondes dye their hair roots black?

Women dye their hair every time in a different color, so as not to repeat twice the same error.
Chemistry gave more blondes to the world.

Blonde: hair color or lifestyle?

Blonde: a mixture of brunette with perhydrol..

Here she's a blonde, there she's a brunette, while she was born a redhead.

I have bad luck with blondes, they're either too dumb, or too smart, or they turn out to be a brunette...

Men prefer blondes because they believe that the dark-haired are smarter and therefore more dangerous.

Even a great hairstyle has to be changed. Sooner or later, your boyfriend gets immune to it, like bacteria to penicillin.

Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry brunettes.

Answering a question about who they like better, blondes or brunettes, real men must answer, "Sure".

Most men like blondes, brunettes and girls with dyed hair.

Women will really catch up with men if they agree to be bald, and recognize that it is respectable.

If a husband loves his wife, he shaves in the evenings, and if he likes his work or a co-worker, he shaves in the mornings.

If a man shaves in the evening, he has a hope. If a woman does her make-up, it was a waste of time for that man.


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