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"My name is Alexandra, I'm a student from Israel. When I was a kid I wore a medium length bob (with bangs), the rest of the time just long hair. Recently, more and more I'm thinking about a short haircut. But I afraid to cut my hair for "a good luck" without any ideas of style.
A long time ago I had a "bad haircut" adventure - my long ponytails was simply terrible cut off with no style at all. Fortunately, the hair growing back quickly.
I found your site with Google. "Leafed through" I liked your collection. What a wonderful idea - in fact the Master's advices are so necessary and useful as the air, there's so many indecisive girls around! So many girls can be so beautiful with short haircuts (now 85-90% of students are with shaggy long locks.)
I would like to have a short haircut to wear for a long time. I'm not afraid (even I prefer) supershort haircut for every day. I feel so now, my mood is so now. Do you understand? And will a short haircut suits me well?
Thanks ahead, Alex."
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