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EGO Projects:

01. Marina
02. Natasha
03. Helen



In late January 2003 we spent the first photo shoot project EGO. What is this project? It's a kind of portfolio, in the preparation of which, during one day the girl several times radically changes her image (up to 10 different hairstyles and makeups), she goes through all stages from the long-haired mermaid to an ultra-modern girl with a short crew cut.

The whole process of makeovers, in addition to photos, we recording on video and then the girl herself will be able to see everything that happened to her. Such event is remembered for a lifetime (really would be something to remember!). In future such photos with various images will help to choose the most comfortable hairstyle and makeup.

This project is aimed primarily at advanced and bold girls, who are ready for radical changes, and are not afraid of one day losing their hair, get a lot of positive emotions and a unique opportunity to try many different images.

Also, this project is useful for those Ladies, whose hair is hopelessly damaged with perm or coloring. Instead of long and fruitless attempts to improve at least the appearance of the hair, briefly cutting off them, we can take care of their future. Different masks and cosmetics will help your hair to grow back in no time shiny and healthy!

If you have a desire to participate in the project, just send an E-mail. Don't miss your chance!


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