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smiles only!
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lonely hair
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All your life you wears your hair long? Sometimes you're dreaming about snip it all off? You want to make your hair shorter, but you're afraid of the haircut process? Your resolution is not absolute? Look how Brave Girls parting with their tresses! Are they crying? Tears in their eyes? No! Smile Faces Only!!! It's not so frightful to loose all your long locks and to get beautiful, modern and stylish short haircut! And don't forget, then hair has one interesting peculiarity: it's growing permanently!!

It's not a bad idea to take some sedatives for the people
with week nervous system before browsing these pictures...

So, if these Brave Girls assured you to take off all your long mane, do it & you're welcome into the Short Haircut's World! If not so, or if you're still hesitating, please visit us often more & more! Don't forget to add this site to your favorites, pushing "Ctrl+D".

* Some photos at this site were either found on the internet or sent to me freely and are presented here under the presumption they are public domain material. If you hold a copyright to a photo or want it removed or acknowledged let me know and I'll take care of it at once.



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